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The Lost Daughter





If you loved I AM ANASTASIA you won’t want to miss this novel about her sister, Grand Duchess Maria. What really happened to this lost Romanov daughter? A new novel perfect for anyone curious about Anastasia, Maria, and the other lost Romanov daughters, by the author of THE SECRET WIFE.

1918: Pretty, vivacious Grand Duchess Maria Romanov, the nineteen-year-old daughter of the fallen Tsar Nicholas II, lives with her family in suffocating isolation, a far cry from their once-glittering royal household. Her days are a combination of endless boredom and paralyzing fear; her only respite are clandestine flirtations with a few of the guards imprisoning the family—never realizing her innocent actions could mean the difference between life and death

1973: When Val Doyle hears her father’s end-of-life confession, “I didn’t want to kill her,” she’s stunned. So, she begins a search for the truth—about his words and her past. The clues she discovers are baffling—a jewel-encrusted box that won’t open and a camera with its film intact. What she finds out pulls Val into one of the world’s greatest mysteries—what truly happened to the Grand Duchess Maria?

Rating: 5-stars


The Lost Daughter by Gill Paul is an interesting moment back in time to the Romanov family. A time of great despair, loss, grief, and death. This book shows all that plus, a deeper look into one of the lost daughters, Grand Duchess Maria. Readers will have an up close personal encounter of watching the young woman grow up. She easily flirted with men but was always kind. Due to her family circumstances finding a friend and even a lover proved difficult. Grand Duchess Maria and her family were under house arrest and were being lead slowly to their ultimate deaths.

I loved how the writer, Gill Paul, has brilliantly kept as much real historical facts into her novel as well as creating the  fictional life part of this historical woman. Little is known about her and her family. Many facts still remain unsolved. No one truly knows. Those that do died with that knowledge. Rumors, secrets, and guesses have been made. I was thoroughly entertained in this historical fiction novel. The Lost Daughter tale was a great story project and one that came out successful. Overall, I highly recommend all history buffs, historical fiction lovers, and readers worldwide to read this book.


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