Review: Blind Spot

Blind Spot (The Evelyn Talbot Chronicles, #4)




New York Times bestseller Brenda Novak’s Evelyn Talbot series returns, with a heavily pregnant Evelyn being held hostage.

With Jasper Moore, the privileged boy who attacked her when she was only sixteen, finally caught and in prison, Dr. Evelyn Talbot, founder and head psychiatrist at Hanover House (a prison/research facility for psychopaths in remote Alaska), believes she can finally quit looking over her shoulder. She’s safe, happier than she’s ever been and expecting her first child. She’s also planning to marry Amarok, her Alaska State Trooper love interest and the town’s only police presence. But before the wedding can take place, a psychopath from the much more recent past comes out of nowhere and kidnaps her in broad daylight. Instead of planning her wedding, Evelyn finds herself doing everything she can to survive, save her baby and devise some way to escape while Amarok races the clock to find her – before it’s too late.

Rating: 3-stars


Blind Spot by Brenda Novak is the new journey in the Dr. Talbot series. I was so excited for this read. The plot held a promising story. However, it did not come out as marvelous as the previous books. This one had many issues. One being that a pregnant woman working a top notch scary criminal prison should have been more guarded. But it appears not so. Second, the fact that Jasper is still unknown to Evelyn Talbot is frightening! Hello, no serial killer in real life would have that much patience. He would have stumbled and been found out sooner. Yet he somehow manages to stay hidden…so far. Third, with the handling of Evelyn Talbot thrown in any capacity, while pregnant, would have had some kind of impact on her pregnancy. But, even that magically has no issues.

The major problem for me, was that the plot was dragged out to much. The entire thing was with Evelyn kidnapped. It didn’t make it interesting. She was held captive almost all the way to the end. The main protagonist, Dr. Evelyn, did not struggles quite as much as one would predict. It just felt flat and slow. And then, there’s the cliffhanger on something I cannot say. The cliffhanger of that one thing is driving me crazy. I can’t complain without giving away the plot aka the ending mostly. Readers can discover that on their own. All in all, after reading it, this was not something I would buy. It was good but not great.

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