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Kingdoms and Empires: Rise of the Federation by [Darcey, Daniel]




It is Princess Asora’s darkest hour. The powerful and evil Queen Laxur has manipulated the Utopian Kingdom to give her Asora. However, a new threat has emerged. From the void of deep space a powerful alien force has stormed the realm. The mighty Federation lead by Pro-Counsel D’var has declared all out war against the Utopian Kingdom and Darkcon Empire. As their seemingly endless fleets and legions flood in and wage total war, the Utopian Kingdom, and the Darkcon Empire now are fighting a losing war against the more advanced Federation.

The Federation is an alliance of aliens, organics, machines, and more that spanned many galaxies across the visible universe. They are the great superpower of multiverse and the protectors of the natural order. In their eyes the Utopians and Darkcons are an affront to the natural order and a threat to all beyond the realm.

Princess Asora having to make dark decisions to fight the Federation just to survive. She still battles the machinations of her sister Queen Laxur and her Darkcon Empire. This three way war will decide the fate of the realm and the larger multiverse. Who will rise from the ashes?

The old and reformed Utopian Kingdom under Princess Asora, the desperate and vicious Darkcon Empire lead by Queen Laxur, or the vast and powerful Federation commanded by Pro-Counsel D’var?

Check out this awesome sci-fi fantasy novel by Daniel Darcey! Think Star Trek + Star Wars + Disney = The Kingdoms & Empire series!

There’s action, adventure, love, sacrifices, risks, and war to enjoy in this book. Plus, humor. The author’s characters are unforgettable!

What are you waiting for? Get it now from Amazon!

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