Review: One More River to Cross

One More River to Cross





Based on true events, this compelling survival story by award-winning novelist Jane Kirkpatrick is full of grit and endurance. Beset by storms, bad timing, and desperate decisions, 8 women, 17 children, and one man must outlast winter in the middle of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 1844.

Rating: 4-stars


One More River to Cross by Jane Kirkpatrick is an interesting read. One that brings a story of traveling from one land to another, alive. There were so many dangers presented in this book. Many did not survive trips like these. Still so many treaded forward. Hoping for the promise of a new life. Loss, grief, fear, and hope were mixed on every page. The unpredictability was good. I kept on wondering what next. They story was well-written. Slow but steady was the pacing. I did feel like the plot was not as engaging as I expected. However, I could feel and sense everything the cast of characters were experiencing. That made this a worthy read.  Growing up in this time period was tough. The characters had my sympathy all the way. Overall, the book was realistic and a good historical trip.


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