Review: Always We Begin Again

Always We Begin Again: Stepping Into the Next, New Moment





None of us wants to be sidelined, stuck, shamed, or silenced. But the difficulties of life have a way of putting us in a corner, and we don’t know how to move forward. We see brokenness in our communities, our relationships, and our spirits. It’s so easy to blame ourselves or our circumstances, to get bogged down in discouragement and toxic thinking. But that’s not what we were meant for, and that’s not how God wants us to live.

Leeana Tankersley has good news if you’re struggling: each new day is an opportunity to begin again. In her warm tone and with her signature humor she offers 100 short readings to encourage and motivate you to begin again in your relationships with God, your family, your friends, and yourself. Because there is always a hand reaching toward you, there is always grace available, and there is always a chance to begin again.

Rating: 5-stars


This book, Always We Begin Again, is beautifully designed to motivate and encourage others to begin again new. Each new day is a new beginning. Or a new chapter in our lives. We still can change. The pages are inspiring and uplifting. I enjoyed reading the passages and kind words. There’s a lot to write and reflect upon as well. Leeana Tankersley’s nonfiction book is great for those who need to stop and reflect upon their days. We all need it. But depending on how bogged down we are or busy working, this book would make a wonderful gift.

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