Review: Rival’s Break

Rival's Break (Sharpe & Donovan #9)




A deadly poisoning, a stolen painting and a criminal mastermind challenge the skills of FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan as never before in their latest high-stakes case. New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers has crafted a gripping novel of international intrigue and suspense not to be missed.

Emma Sharpe is recovering from a shattering loss while her husband, Colin Donovan, is deep into his latest undercover mission. So they’re grateful to enjoy a peaceful autumn weekend together on the southern Maine coast to celebrate Colin’s brother Andy’s wedding.

But the peace is short-lived when Kevin Donovan, a marine patrol officer, receives a call to check on suspected food poisoning at a party aboard a yacht. Colin decides to tag along. He is surprised to recognize one of the victims as an undercover British intelligence officer, and it quickly becomes evident they’re dealing with something very sinister. At the same time a valuable painting by Irish artist Aoife O’Byrne—a friend of Emma and Colin’s—is missing from the yacht, and the connections make the investigation international and extremely personal.

Emma and Colin discover they are up against a deadly foe who plans to strike again. With the help of HIT, their small, elite Boston-based FBI team, they must foil an attack that will have devastating effects. It’s a case that will alter their lives beyond anything they’ve ever imagined…

Rating: 4-stars


Rival’s Break is the 9th book in this romance series by Carla Neggers. I was expecting a bit more suspense in this romantic suspense series. It didn’t quite meet my meter in that direction. However, it was a great story. The book fell more into the women’s fiction than anything else. Usually, those genres have a slower pace when it comes to events in the book. The beginning was slow for me. Once the real danger and action began, it sped up some. But it should have been like that from the beginning. I felt weighed down by too many details at first. Just a tiny bit more than I would like.

As with all of books written by this writer, I found action, romance, and danger. I love those three combinations in any book. She did not disappoint in those areas. The characters felt real. I liked the group.  Each one added to the overall story. Overall, I would recommend Rival’s Break to other readers.


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