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Young line producer Danny Byrd is well-known in Hollywood for being someone who gets things done on time and under budget. But when his reputation takes a beating after his partner–and former best friend–makes off with their investors’ money, Danny has but one chance to redeem himself and restore his ruined career.

LA lawyer Megan Pierce has sacrificed years of her life proving herself to her impossible bosses only to find herself disgusted at their snobbery and their specious business practices. When an opportunity to actually make a difference comes her way, she knows she has to grab it–even though she’s not entirely clear what “it” is.

Danny and Megan are each other’s best hope for redemption. What they never could have imagined was that they might also be each other’s best hope for love.

Bestselling and award-winning author Davis Bunn takes you into the beating heart of Hollywood with two characters determined to thrive in a cutthroat business.

Rating: 5-stars


Unscripted by Davis Bunn is a great contemporary novel. I found myself falling deep into the characters’ lives. The main protagonist was doing fine until he was left to take the fall. His partner left him with nothing but jail time. Then, a mysterious woman comes and helps fight his case. He may just get his freedom back. Hope emerged along with wanting to get justice. Romance also blossomed on these pages. I could feel it come to life the more the characters spent time together. Davis Bunn still created a suspenseful environment. I never knew what to expect next. Overall, I recommend this latest release to all readers.

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