Review: Confident Moms, Confident Daughters

Confident Moms, Confident Daughters: Helping Your Daughter Live Free from Insecurity and Love How She Looks





Every mother wants her daughter to love the skin she’s in, to be free of insecurity and poor body image. But no matter how much we try to tell our daughters that they are beautiful and lovable as they are, words are not enough. And if we’re honest, we don’t always set the best example of being body confident. Until we truly see ourselves as good enough, our girls will struggle.

With deep compassion, Maria Furlough delves into the root causes of our insecurity, offers biblical guidance for seeing ourselves as God sees us, and shows how to model our newfound confidence to our impressionable daughters. Speaking as a daughter, a youth leader, and a mother, Furlough shares her own struggles and triumphs, as well as expert advice from a pediatrician, a nutritionist, a Christian counselor, and more.

What we say to our daughters might last a moment. What we show our daughters lasts a lifetime. With God’s help, we can put aside our obsession with bodily perfection and refocus on becoming and raising godly women.

Rating: 5-stars


Confident Moms, Confident Daughters by Maria Furlough is an uplifting book. It shows what real confidence is. Every page explores the deeper meaning of real confidence. Confidence isn’t about looks but what’s within. Advice and inspiring tales are inside to help connect readers to the writer’s message. I found this book easy to read. In addiction to finding ourselves, it helps readers get closer to God. I love the Christian way this self-help narrative is written. Thoughtful words to ponder and reflect upon. Being self-assured is not an easy thing. But over time, it can be built into a strong and  ethical foundation. A foundation that mothers can pass to their daughters.


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