Review: Home for the Holidays


“The best of holiday romances…a howling good time.”–Long and Short Reviews for A Silver Wolf Christmas

Silver Town is howling with Christmas cheer

Gray wolves Meghan MacTire and Sheriff Peter Jorgenson plan to spend the rest of their lives together, and what better time to start forever than Christmas? But they are both harboring dark secrets that are about to surface and threaten their future together. With holiday magic in the air and all Silver Town ready to celebrate, Meghan and Peter have to conquer the past if they’re to have any hope of celebrating this Christmas together.

Rating: 4-stars


Home for the Holidays by Terry Spear had that cozy Hallmark vibe. It also packed a lot of suspense, action, and danger. The romance between the two main wolves blossomed with every page. Heating up the atmosphere and causing me to guess until the end. Risks were high and the fear of what will be created the right amount of tension. The cast of characters were charming. I loved Meghan and Peter. They had this chemistry that made me root for them. Mated is a serious business. Peter wanted to tell Meghan about his secret to keep things clear between them. However, the right time seemed to never comes. Meghan also had a secret. . Again, she too, had the same issue Peter did. Both were afraid of losing each other. It was so sweet.


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