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Cassandra's Eye




Everyone has to grow  up somewhere.

For Shanti Costello, it’s Cassandra’s Eye-the gallery founded by her father’s art collective, and a libertine in 1960’s Portland, Maine. A place where high-minded ideal and base impulses merge across a vivid social canvas.  Now, as she nears the age when her own mother became an artist’s wife, Shanti must choose between the bohemian dogma of her upbringing, the conservative safety of her aunt, or her own type of freedom in the world beyond The Eye.

Rating: 4-stars


Cassandra’s Eye by Elizabeth Gargano is an interesting tale. A young girl has to grow up quickly. She steps into the role of motherhood for her siblings. It’s not easy. I felt sympathy for her. Instead of growing up and enjoying her years, she takes over the role of being a parent. Her siblings give her a hassle. Her aunt told her early on that she would need to be the parent. And her father thinks nothing of his duties. Always working on a new art project and with some woman. It was a real eye opener. Shanti tries her best to be what is expected of her. But at the same time, she needs to figure out where her own destiny lies.

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