Review: No Better Mom for the Job

No Better Mom for the Job: Parenting with Confidence (Even When You Don't Feel Cut Out for It)



No Better Mom for the Job is for any mom who has ever felt inadequate–who loves her kids fiercely but sometimes thinks another mom would do a better job in her shoes. Becky Keife knows the ups and downs of motherhood. And she has learned along the way and from other mamas that it doesn’t work to try to do more or be better. Confidence comes from leaning on the One who made you a mother.
Through these pages, you will discover how to:

– exchange negative internal dialogue for joyful gratitude
– identify and celebrate your one-of-a-kind mom strengths
– establish boundaries that set you and your child up for success
– recognize evidence of God’s work in your life and growth in your kids
– and much more

Filled with encouraging stories and practical, biblical wisdom, each chapter also includes one simple action step and a powerful prayer, all to help you see yourself as exactly the mom your child needs.

Rating: 5-stars


No Better Mom for the Job by Becky Keife is a great book for all future and present moms. I enjoyed the variety of topics offered in this book. It’s a self-help guidance that all moms will love. I know, I did! Wisdom, advice, and a good hands-on-approach that helps mothers get through parenting. Be the mom both you and your child needs. Parenting is no breeze, there’s always a hardship presented at one time or another. With this book, I found ways to help me get through that and become a better mother. Simple, well-organized, and deep-this book was easy to read.

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