Review: Never Have I Ever with a Duke


Graham Kinsley is shocked when he inherits a debt-ridden dukedom, and now he has just one month to repay a loan. He needs an heiress—or find a way to recoup the former duke’s losses. When he meets the alluring Arabella, he’s entranced. Unfortunately, she’s as bankrupt as he is, but if they work together they may be able to recover their fortunes. Though if they keep stealing kisses, they may lose their hearts instead.

Arabella Stoke can’t afford an attraction to the penniless duke who has vowed to help rescue her family from financial devastation. She needs to find a wealthy husband before her father succumbs to the stress of losing everything. However, as Graham brings them closer to finding the swindler who stole their money, the war between what they want and what they need may ruin them both.

Rating: 5-stars


Never Have I Ever with a Duke by Darcy Burke is an intense read. This historical romance novel, offers high stakes, a hot romance, and an adventure. Two young people find themselves in hot water when it comes to finances. Although, figuring out how to avoid falling in love and capturing back their money will prove most difficult. Neither character can keep their attraction away from business.

Arabella Stoke is a strong heroine who takes action. She needs to help her father find their money before all is lost. Or maybe, it is. However, Arabella isn’t giving up. She finds a Duke who is interested in helping her. Although, he too needs help. Arabella cannot help but to find herself growing more attracted the distracting duke each time. Time is money. And money is what will save both her family and the Duke’s.

Duke Graham is an interesting male hero. He is everything I expected plus, more. He has everything he needs. Only he now has a mountain of debt to pay off and a beautiful woman who needs his help. Graham will have his hands full of the young lady who is everything he could have imagined. Arabella is not an unforgettable woman. Graham is going to have to pull every ounce of his strength to keep up with their troubles and the romance blooming ahead.

This novel was exciting! I could not stop reading it. Humor spiked every page. I loved the cast of characters. Everything felt believable and real. Darcy Burke knows how to draw my attention and keep it.



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