Review: Small Groups Made Easy

Small Groups Made Easy: Practical and Biblical Starting Points to Lead Your Gathering



You’re interested in leading a small group, but you’re a little afraid. What are you getting yourself into? How do you get started? Don’t worry–you’re not alone. Many small group leaders feel ill-equipped for the task of leading in spite of the many books, conferences, online resources, and church-based training opportunities that are available.

Other small group books tend to focus on the overall theory of the small group’s place in the life of the church rather than the day-to-day nuts and bolts. Small Groups Made Easy focuses on practical pointers, overcoming challenges, and how to lead discussions. Half the book is made up of short sample Bible studies and topical studies that include icebreaker questions, discussion questions about the text, and guides for leading prayer times.

In this book you’ll discover all the tools you need to lead an effective small group.

Rating: 4-stars


Small Groups Made Easy by Ryan Lokkesmoe is a great book. Several of the topics including what to make of those who don’t share the same beliefs were my favorite. This was like the ah ha moment. I too, was not sure on this topic. There are many I know and socialize with that do not agree with my religious nor political beliefs. What was super great from the guide book, was that I could apply that one topic towards the political opponents of mine, too. It’s more than okay that not everyone agrees on something or like the same things. But I have recently grown so tired of being battled and belittled because I stand up for my own beliefs both religious and political. In my case both of mine go hand-in-hand.  My religious beliefs meet my political ones. So, I cannot nor will I ever back down. Yet, my enemies think the more they hurt me, they more I will back down and take their side. How wrong they are on that thinking! But still it hurts me and makes me back away from people (groups) and socializing. However, this book Small Groups Made Easy tackles my fear and helps.



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