Review: Harbor Island by Carla Neggers

Harbor Island (Sharpe & Donovan, #4)


In this vivid and suspenseful addition to her widely acclaimed Sharpe & Donovan series, New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers takes readers on a heart-stopping journey from Boston to Ireland to the rocky coast of Maine

Emma Sharpe, granddaughter of world-renowned art detective Wendell Sharpe, is a handpicked member of a small Boston-based FBI team. For the past decade Emma and her grandfather have been trailing an elusive serial art thief. The first heist was in Ireland, where an ancient Celtic cross was stolen. Now the Sharpes receive a replica of the cross after every new theft–reminding them of their continued failure to capture their prey.

When Emma receives a message that leads her to the body of a woman on a small island in Boston Harbor, she finds the victim holding a small, cross-inscribed stone–one she recognizes all too well. Emma’s fiance, FBI deep-cover agent Colin Donovan, is troubled that she’s gone off to the island alone, especially given the deadly turn the thief has taken. But as they dig deeper they are certain there is more to this murder than meets the eye.

As the danger escalates, Emma and Colin must also face do-or-die questions about their relationship. While there’s no doubt they are in love, can they give their hearts and souls to their work and have anything left for each other? There’s one thing Emma and Colin definitely agree on: before they can focus on their future, they must outwit one of the smartest, most ruthless killers they’ve ever encountered.

Rating: 4-stars


Harbor Island by Carla Neggers is one third mystery, one third romance, and one third suspense. Its story is centered around an art thief who is playing with the federal FBI agents. Taunting them constantly…the FBI are still not able to catch the culprit. Only now, he or she has resorted to murder and theft.

I really enjoyed the cast of characters. A bit of humor but packed with a whole lot of background story. Once I got past the initial background, the rest of the book was great. Just like a romantic suspense tale should be. But the beginning was tedious.

An art thief stealing an ancient artifact. A cross from some Irish saint. With each theft, there is something left behind for the authorities to find. An art family has been digging into the mystery theft for a long time. No hints or details leading them to the culprit. Now, the FBI are being toyed with and the danger has escalated. These agents won’t rest until the person is caught.

I enjoyed this entertaining book. I am a huge fan of Carla Neggers novels. This one was good but could have used a lot less background story on the characters. Start with the immediate danger like her other novels and this one would have been a five-star book easily.



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