Review: Flipping ADHD on Its Head

Flipping ADHD on Its Head: How to Turn Your Child's "Disability" into Their Greatest Strength


In Flipping ADHD on Its Head, Dr. Poole introduces and explores a holistic, integrated, and empowering approach to identifying and promoting the strengths of ADHD children by first flipping thinking about ADHD. Rather than framing ADHD as a disability, Dr. Proole encourages readers to see it as a normal, if somewhat challenging, way that a brain works. Rather than “fixing” readers, Dr. Poole wants them to focus on understanding and improving their behaviors in three areas: medical, behavioral, and educational.

​Dr. Poole shares his own stories and those of his patients to help readers go from merely living with ADHD to thriving.

Rating: 5-stars


Flipping ADHD on Its Head by Jim Poole, MD is a great read not only for struggling parents, guardians, but also for teachers. As a substitute teacher, I have heard it so many times, this student has ADHD-he/she is a problem student. Or teachers/staff are not properly handling the students with ADHD because they’re not taking the time to educate themselves on this learning behavior. I felt so bad for the students, schools, and parents. ADHD is a difficult struggle for those not knowing about it.

In this book, I learned not only what it is but how to view it differently than most do. View it as a gift rather than a student’s struggle. ADHD is hard to handle, but it can also be possible to handle properly. Students diagnosed with this can be good students. Students who can do well in any classroom environment. I should know, I personally know someone with ADHD, and she was a straight A student her whole life.

However, I really wasn’t sure what was all behind this diagnostic ability. What are the pros and cons? How do some students come out on top while most have a difficult schooling experience? Why do some teachers discriminate their students diagnosed with ADHD? I read this book and it was an eye opener. The writer’s perspective and handling on this topic was done well. I can others who did poorly in handling children with ADHD do better after reading this informative book.

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