Review: Cold Nose, Warm Heart


A poodle, a black lab and a Chihuahua walk into a dog park…

All Caleb Donovan has to do to redeem his family name is take a rundown Miami Beach apartment building and turn it into luxury condos. Easy, right?

Unfortunately, that would also turn the local dog park into a parking lot and the neighbors aren’t having it. Caleb is faced with outright revolt, led by smart, beautiful building manager Riley Carson and her poodle, LouLou.

For Caleb, this project should have been a slam dunk. But even more challenging than the neighborhood resistance is the mutual attraction between him and Riley. It would be so much easier just to stay enemies.

Can Riley and her canine sidekick convince Caleb that what’s best for business isn’t always best for the heart?

Rating: 4-stars


Cold Nose, Warm Heart by Mara Wells is a great read. It shows how money can corrupt and break apart a family. Money usually gets its ways in the operation of things like what Mara Wells tells in her book. However, things did not go as well-planned as some of the characters would have liked. I liked how an elderly woman could make the elderly hard ass feel embarrasses and do what is right. Not always, But somehow she has a little bit of a sway over that man.

The elderly man treated his grandson with absolute disrespect all the way. If Caleb did exactly as his grandfather wanted, his grandfather would sing him praises. If it looked like Caleb failed to turn a piece of property into profit like his grandfather wanted, then Caleb was a loser. Only he really wasn’t. He was a good hearted man whose heart was broken by people he should been able to rely on and trust. Yet they kept hurting him constantly…Caleb has a heart of gold. But he is also the biggest idiot. He does not do well in handling his relationship with Riley. Caleb was a terrible actor.

Riley is one the only big time characters that I truly loved. She was true all the way. Never was she a dummy. The only blind side was, that she thought her grandmother owned the run down elderly apartment building only to find out none of that was true. Also, the company handling the finances was stealing from the real apartment’s owner. Riley did what she could to save the residents both human and the fury kind.

In addition, I loved the second chance theme presented in this book. It was done well. The plot was entertaining. It was steady paced throughout the book. Characters had a way of charming me. They made me laugh and cry. I also wanted to hit some sense into a few of the characters. The fur babies mentioned in this novel was perfect. I loved how one tiny lady dog kept urinating on Caleb’s expensive shoes. The tiny lady dog loved him. And if you read the book, you will find out why.



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