Review: Lethal Secrets

Lethal Secrets (Tanner Hollow #3)


Someone wants Honor McBride dead, but the mother of five children is determined to outwit the killer. With only her smarts and a GPS system, she and her kids head for Tanner Hollow where they arrive to claim the home left to Honor by her great aunt. A flat tire right in the middle of Main Street brings Eli Murphy to the rescue. Silently, he admits he’s attracted to the single mother, but Eli has no intention of acting on that attraction. However, when someone tries to kill Honor, his protective instincts surge and Eli determines to keep the young mother and her family safe—while keeping guard over his heart. Even though Honor appreciates his help and finds herself falling for the gentle giant, she has secrets that could get them all killed–unless she can beat the killer at his game of cat and mouse.

Rating: 5-stars


Lethal Secrets by Lynette Eason is a captivating read from the start. The danger is heart-pounding, the action is quick paced, and the romance is hot. I was sucked in deep. The writing is so good, I could not stop reading nor did I want the book to end. I felt both rewarded and punished because the book was easy to read and I finished it too soon. However, this is yet one more novella after this one. My loss of finishing too quickly evaporated fast. I was excited that this journey was not over yet.

In Lethal Secrets, the writer introduced the protagonists and their problems from the beginning. I knew exactly what was happening. I felt the dread in my stomach for what they were going through and knowing it would not be over yet. A young single mother of five children is forced to leave the home they once knew. Her husband was not a good man and he was in debt. There was such a huge amount, the husband and his surviving parents, targeted her and the kids.

Money speaks volumes. Greed knows no bounds. Danger was everywhere.

Without a lot of cash, and the little they had, the mother brought her kids to Tanner Hollow. I loved this small-town. The residents were amazing! Lynette Eason can not only create perfect big characters, but also create perfect smaller characters. This town, accepted and stepped right up to the plate to help the mother and her kids. However, danger follows them to their new chance at a safe life. All hell broke lose, and nothing can stop this mama nor the man she has come to rely on for help, Eli.

This book pulled on so many of my heart strings. Happy, sad, and fun…this novella was outstanding. Well-developed characters, the plot was entertaining, and the story settings felt so real. Overall, I highly recommend this read to all readers.

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