Review: Listen Well, Lead Better

Listen Well, Lead Better: Becoming the Leader People Want to Follow


Why do so many leaders prioritize their speaking skills when communication studies show we spend more time listening than reading, writing, or speaking? The reality is, most people are below-average listeners, and it’s keeping them and their team members from reaching their potential.

In Listen Well, Lead Better, Steve and Becky Harling share 10 practices that will help you be a more effective listener and leader. Learn how to ask better questions, make people feel heard and valued, and create an open and positive culture. Strong listeners also enjoy greater credibility, navigate conflicts better, and foster more engaged teams. Above all, the lessons here will help you hear from God more clearly and gain his wisdom on all matters in life. Becoming a better listener will transform how you lead and relate to everyone.

Rating: 4-stars


Listen Well, Lead Better by both Steve and Becky Harling is a great self-help book. It provides a lot of useful advice for improvement. Listening is a skill that is crucial in our world yet so many of us fail at it. In this book, the writers provide some insight and steps into becoming a better listener. If we listen well, we can become better leaders.

Listening is half of conversing with others. Human being are the biggest social creatures alive. We need to listen as well as talk. I liked that this book, provided body signals that showed if we were listening to someone and how to encourage the talker to continue telling us what they wanted to say. I also loved that the writers have stated this: listening is not agreeing. Exactly! We all have our own ideas, opinions, and beliefs on everything. So, just because we are listening to someone does not mean we agree with what they say. It just means we respect them enough to listen. Also, we cannot talk and not be expected to listen. Overall, it was great book to read.

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