Review: The Art of Friendship

The Art of Friendship: Creating and Keeping Relationships That Matter


In this age of limitless digital connections, we are somehow lonelier than ever. This isn’t just bad news–it’s dangerous news. Loneliness puts us at greater health risk than smoking or obesity, but we would sooner label ourselves overweight than admit we are lonely. It is a secret that is killing us.

Contrary to all our efforts, the answer is not found in more connections, but deeper ones that mirror God himself as the originator of friendship and the original Friend. The Art of Friendship walks with you into a greater understanding of how God has equipped you to be a friend and to have meaningful friendships. With step-by-step guidance, you will begin to strategize how to fulfill your divine calling as a friend. And through God’s Word, as you come to understand the depth and width and breadth of God as Friend, you will discover that the spiritual discipline of friendship is both life-changing and life-giving.

Rating: 5-stars


The Art of Friendship by Kim Wier is an inspiring and uplifting book. It demonstrates that in any real friendship, we do not need to compromise ourselves nor our morals. I loved that message. Friendships are not born. They are created. We build them. It takes work, patience, love, and time to grow them. Developing our friendships deeper also takes time and work. But what we give and what receive balances out. True friends are there to support and encourage us. We need to do the same for our friends. Listening and treating our friends with care is also critical. The writer mentions that we also have God’s friendship, too.  Overall, this book was a great read. It helped me understand friendships and how to build them better.

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