Review: Managing Worry and Anxiety

Managing Worry and Anxiety: Practical Tools to Help You Deal with Life's Challenges


Scripture says “be anxious for nothing,” yet most of us find ourselves increasingly worried and anxious–about our families, our jobs, our finances, our security, and so much more. We’re even worried about our level of anxiety!

Integrating both the psychological and spiritual aspects of anxiety, therapist Jean Holthaus offers this research-driven and faith-informed approach to understanding why we experience anxiety and shows us how to effectively manage it by developing three essential skills:

– living in the present moment
– suspending judgment
– believing yourself to be competent and equipped by God

Our world is never going to be a completely safe and understandable place. But with Holthaus’s help, our hearts and minds can experience greater and lasting peace.

Rating: 5-stars


Managing Worry and Anxiety by Jean Holthaus is a great book to read. So many us worry and create different levels of anxiety to ourselves when we don’t have to…yet we do. I am a prime suspect for not managing my worry well. I freak out over everything. I try weighing the consequences and then worry more. As an adult financial worries is one of the biggest causes to my anxiety. I recently under went a lot of surgeries because I was in pain and still have not fully recovered. But my condition is at the normal stage of aging for someone my age.

We should trust in God more and leave our worrying up to him. That’s one of the biggest messages in this book. Easy said than done. The reading reminds me to not worry. How to not worry, how to trust God more, and how to ease my anxiety are discussed as well.

I found this book educational and inspiring. First, it covers my spiritual beliefs which I agree with and knew but have forgotten how to trust God with as much as I can trust him with. Second, it teaches me how to do things better. For instance how to let go, relax, and believe. Third it educated me on the topics of my physical and spiritual health concerning worry and anxiety. Overall, I considered this tool a must have for all readers.


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