Review: The Hidden by Heather Graham

The Hidden (Krewe of Hunters, #17)


Can the same killer strike again—a hundred and fifty years later? 

Estes Park, Colorado, is a place of serenity. But it wasn’t always so serene. Shortly after the Civil War, Nathan Kendall and his wife were murdered there, leaving behind a young son. The crime was never solved.

Now…historian Scarlet Barlow is working at a small museum attached to a B and B, the same building where that murder occurred. She recently came to Colorado, reeling after her divorce from FBI agent Diego McCullough. Diego—who’s just been asked to join the Krewe of Hunters, a unit dealing with “unusual” situations…

When Scarlet unwittingly takes pictures of people who’ve been murdered—just like the Kendalls a hundred and fifty years before—the police look at her with suspicion. Then the museum’s statues of historic people, including Nathan Kendall, begin to talk to her, and she knows it’s time to call her ex-husband. Diego heads to Estes Park, determined to solve the bizarre case that threatens Scarlet’s life—and to reunite with the woman he never stopped loving.

Rating: 5-stars


The Hidden by Heather Graham is cleverly written. It brings historical fiction into a whole new realm. I loved all the elements that Heather Graham put into this book. I was entertained throughout the novel. Her trademarks of humor, romance, and a suspense that keeps you on the edge is present. The cast of characters made this story pop to life. I have not been disappointed with a book by this talented writer yet. This new read, was off the charts just like the previous books. Also, I should mention that I have not read every book in this series yet. Nor have I read these books in order. That’s the other best things about the Krewe series. You can pick up any book and begin reading it. The books individually, sell themselves. As a collection, they are potent. I loved the raw chemistry feels plus, the high risks and danger on every page. Overall, I highly recommend diving into this book and the others. So much fun, so many adventures are just waiting…


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