Review: The Know-Nonsense Guide to Grammar

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Get kids excited about learning! The Know Nonsense Guide to Grammar is a hilariously illustrated, quirky, and fun guide that kids will love!

Turn each page in this book to learn a new basic grammar concept, including alliteration, similes, hyperbole, and much more, turning what can at times be dry topics into something approachable and fun. Full of quirky and hilarious illustrations, kids will love learning so much they might even laugh out loud. Flex your literary muscles, and soon you’ll be a regular wordsmith!

Rating: 4-stars


The Know-Nonsense Guide to Grammar is a great book. I loved the rhythm of the text. It had a way of explaining every rule to children. This was also, a great way to relearn basic grammar and the way they are used. I gave this book a 4-star rating because the digital review copy I received has some issues with the pictures. It looked weird and blank on some pages. Otherwise, I recommend this grammar book to elementary and middle school students.

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