Review: The Fragments by Toni Jordan

The Fragments


INGA Karlson died in a fire in New York in the 1930s, leaving behind three things: a phenomenally successful first novel, the scorched fragments of a second book— and a mystery that has captivated generations of readers.

Nearly fifty years later, Brisbane bookseller Caddie Walker is waiting in line to see a Karlson exhibition featuring the famous fragments when she meets a charismatic older woman.

The woman quotes a phrase from the Karlson fragments that Caddie knows does not exist—and yet to Caddie, who knows Inga Karlson’s work like she knows her name, it feels genuine.

Caddie is electrified. Jolted her from her sleepy, no-worries life in torpid 1980s Brisbane, she is driven to investigate: to find the clues that will unlock the greatest literary mystery of the twentieth century.

Rating: 4-stars


The Fragments by Toni Jordan is a deep read. I takes a bit to get into the story and then it grabs ones interest. Leaving me wondering what will come of this book mystery. A well-known female writer perished along with most of her work. Only a few pages left and it leaves Caddie, a book seller, in deep puzzlement. Caddie is determined to find out as much as possible about the book and the writer. But then, someone seems to know more and it piques Caddie’s interest plus mine. This novel goes back and forth a little bit too much. Sometimes, I get confused where I was left in the book and where it’s picking up from and why. But it all adds up in the end. Overall, it’s a great read.


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