Review: Fallen by Rebecca Zanetti

Fallen (Deep Ops, #2)


New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti delivers a pulse-pounding new read filled with her trademark edge of your seat action in the latest book in her Deep Ops series…

Too quiet. A talented hacker who got caught, Brigid Banaghan is now forced to work with a secret Deep Ops unit. But she won’t reveal any more to these renegade Feds than she has to. Especially not to Raider Tanaka, her control freak of a bodyguard and handler. It’s enough that his body is tensed for action and his heated gaze is always on her . . .

Too sharp.
Raider knows there’s more to his new assignment than he’s been told. Why send a deadly agent of his experience to guard a computer genius—even a gorgeous, unpredictable, undisciplined one? But when Brigid’s estranged father is named in an investigation into Boston’s organized crime, Raider’s mind switches onto high alert, just like his senses . . .

Too close. To clear her father’s name, Brigid needs Raider’s help. The Unit’s idea that she bring a straight-laced Fed in as her “fiancé” won’t fly, though—not unless Raider can release his inner bad boy and become the rebel Brigid can’t resist . . .
Praise for the debut novel in the Deep Ops series
 “Explodes with action, spice and humor.”
—Publishers Weekly
“Fans of J. D. Robb and Karen Robards will love Zanetti’s series

“The suspense is chilling and the romance is hot.”
—Book Page

Rating: 4.5-stars


Fallen is the second book in the Deep Ops series by  Rebecca Zanetti. A woman hacker has been caught and is recruited by the FBI. The people that got her the contract have been harassing her and it’s up to both her and the FBI team she works with to stop it. But first, Brigid needs to prove that she’s trustworthy. Her hacking skills come in handy for Agent Raider’s team.

Agent Raider like Brigid has a bit of a bad past that comes to present. Raider’s attraction towards Brigid is obvious to everyone. Brigid denies the attraction for a while…until neither of them can hide it anymore. Brigid has this bad woman streak and loves bad boys. Agent Raider is as good as they come until their current mission. It was entertaining to read about his hidden bad boy side.

I loved how the stakes were high both emotionally and physically. The bad guys were really good, but with this special FBI unit and their amazing female hacker, they had the ball in their court. Only the ending would tell if they won or lost. The novel was action-packed from the start. I enjoyed the cast of characters. Each one added to the story making it more real. Overall, I look forward to reading the next suspenseful adventure from Rebecca Zanetti.


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