Book Giveaway!



I  am giving away three different books. One winner will be chosen for each book. Three different winners for this giveaway event. In order to win one of the three books, you must do all of the following. I will randomly choose three people.

  1. You will need to follow this blog: urbanbookreviews
  2. Subscribe to my blog via newsletter: Newsletter
  3. Like this blog giveaway post.
  4. Share this blog giveaway post.
  5. Comment that you have liked, followed, subscribed, and shared this blog giveaway post.
  6. Read 3 different blog posts, like each one, share them, and then leave a comment on each post.
  7. Follow me on Twitter here: @urbanliterary
  8.  Like and Retweet the Twitter post.
  9. Comment on the Twitter giveaway post you have liked, followed, and retweeted.  
  10.  Follow me on Facebook here: urbanlitmagazine
  11.  Like, share, and comment on the Facebook giveaway post.
  12.  Follow me on Instagram here: @urbanlitmagazine
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  14.  Comment on the Instagram post that you have liked, followed, and shared the post.

Best of luck!



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