Review: Faithful As She Fades

Faithful As She Fades: A Memoir of Love and Dementia


Faithful As She Fades is the first-person account of Robert Fischbach’s heartbreaking journey as a caregiver to his longtime beloved wife throughout her relentless battle with frontotemporal dementia (FTD). Having vowed to her that he would refrain from putting her in a facility, Bob found himself as the sole caretaker (until well into his wife’s illness) of a woman with whom he had raised two children and shared a long and happy marriage. He had to watch, helpless, as FTD stole his wife’s speech, personality, and essence, by degrees over a devastating eight-and-a-half-year nightmare. From growing up Jewish in New York, to meeting his Janie and raising their two sons, Fischbach takes the reader on a heartfelt, emotional, sometimes funny and always moving journey through the decades he spent with his wife–and then through the near-decade in which he slowly had to let her go. A story of devastating loss, everyday heroism, resilience and faithfulness, this book is an insider’s look into one of the most terrible illnesses with which a person can be afflicted. It is also a testament to the power of love and faith.

Rating: 2-star


Faithful As She Fades by Robert Fischbach is anything but as the title says. He went through an ordeal with his wife going through dementia. That soon grew into Alzheimer’s Disease. A disease that has stolen so many loved ones away from their families. There is still no cure and nothing that works to slow it down as of yet. I am experiencing the watching of my grandmother fall apart from the woman she was into an empty half shell that now exists.

This man’s memoir was true in that it showed his personal experiences with the disease that a loved one went through. However, as the title suggests, I thought his faithfulness in his marriage would still hold. Yet, it didn’t. My own grandfather is struggling with seeing his wife get worse with every year. It’s difficult. We can’t sleep well, we have to watch over her all the time, and there is no cure.

The memoir irritated me to pieces seeing that while she wife still lived he was dating another woman. I was beyond mad at this writer. What shame! Vows go like this: in sickness and in health…sure, it’s not easy and it’s lonely to taking care of a loved one suffering from dementia and other diseases. But while they live, that’s unforgivable to move forward like the loved one just died. Because of my own personal experience with this area and the this man had, I’m giving the book 2 s-stars. It failed to lie to it’s title fully. It only half filled the expectations of this book. I thought this book would be more than what it was. The part on dealing with a loved one whose suffering like this, wasn’t to my expectations of the book either.

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