Review: The Runaway Bride

The Runaway Bride (The Bride Ships, #2)


Wealthy Arabella Lawrence flees to British Columbia on a bride ship still wearing the scars of past mistakes. One of the few single women in the boomtown, she immediately has suitors, but she is determined not to find herself trapped again by a poor choice.

Vying for her hand are two very different men. Lieutenant Richard Drummond is a gentleman in the Navy and is held in high esteem. Peter Kelly is the town’s baker and has worked hard to build a thriving business. He and Drummond not only compete for Arabella’s affections, but clash over their views of how the natives should be treated in the midst of a smallpox outbreak.

As Arabella begins to overcome her fears, she discovers someone in dire need—a starving girl abandoned by her tribe. Intent on helping the girl, Arabella leans on Peter’s advice and guidance. Will she have the wisdom to make the right decision or will seeking what’s right cost both her and Peter everything?

Rating: 5-stars


Jody Hedlund’s The Runaway Bride is the next continuation of the Bride Ship Series. Women journey on what is known as bride ships to other places. Their lives while on and off the ship change their lives forever. In this second installment, I followed Arabella Lawrence as she escapes for a new life. She heads to a new town where being single attracts the local men. But Arabella is wanting to take caution so that past mistakes are not repeated. New environments, new people, and second chances for the characters are found in this entertaining tale. I loved Arabella’s courage as she faced her new life and the people she met. This novel was both heartfelt and charming to read. I was easily captured with the story and its characters.

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