Review: Yes Sisters

Yes Sisters: Surrounding Yourself with Women Who Affirm, Encourage, and Challenge You

A single “no” from someone close to us can crush our dreams. You can’t . . . You’ll never . . . You’re kidding yourself . . . In contrast, a single “yes” can sustain our dreams despite the setbacks we’re sure to encounter. Yes, you can! Yes, I’m here for you!

With passion and contagious enthusiasm, Angelia White shows you how to surround yourself with Yes Sisters–women who will remind you that you are worthy, that God loves you completely, and that you can accomplish even your wildest dreams. Her engaging personal stories, as well as those from other prominent women, will show you how to

– find and cultivate Yes Sister relationships
– leverage their power
– and be a Yes Sister for someone else

She also helps you understand, forgive, and sometimes distance yourself from negative people who dampen your joy and strip you of your motivation.

You don’t have to go it alone, and you don’t have to drag the naysayers along behind you. Start finding your Yes Sisters today!

Rating: 5-stars

Yes Sister is the book everyone woman should own! It’s a book I would have loved to have when I was in high school and in college. I made friends with people who were not a Yes Sister. Some people are really good at hiding their true selves until way after they have gotten to know enough things about you. Then, they hit you when you least expect it. When that happened to me, I felt so stupid. I should have known better. That’s what I kept telling myself. Only I kept making more friendship disasters after another. Not everyone one of them was bad. But most of them were.

Reading Yes Sister, I was able to find what to look for in a good friend and how to reciprocate that behavior back. As with everything, being a yes sister we need to give and take. We cannot just take the support and help from others without returning the same gestures back. By giving back what we receive and demonstrating the yes sister example, we can all make a huge difference. I loved the way this book was setup. Angelia White made this read easy to read. I also found it inspiring and uplifting.

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