Review: Beyond Extinction

Beyond Extinction: The Eternal Ocean—Climate Change  the Continuity of Life


The ocean is the womb of all life on earth. It is beautiful and bizarre, violent and mysterious. Inhabited by a cast of characters stolen from fantasy, it’s a dystopian world where dragons are real, and monsters are commonplace.

Today’s spectacular marine life has an ancient history preserved in stone – fossil strata that read like dramatic pages from the longest story ever told – tales of evolution, extinction, and surprising continuity. Having thrived a tumultuous 500 million years, this marine kingdom is now challenged by a new, arrogant and domineering life form.

This book looks beyond the media focus on climate change and extinction to celebrate the continuity of ocean life. I’ll take you on a personal journey to explore origins and destinies, from primordial soup to today’s threatened oceans – towards a future we can influence. We always have a choice.

Rating: 5-stars


Beyond Extinction: The Eternal Ocean by Wolfgang Grulke is an extraordinary book. Full of bright colorful images that cover the discussed material. The ocean is so vast and has been around for the longest time. This body of water houses so many living organisms that are crucial for other life forms. Ocean life is so vast and interesting. We need to keep our oceans clean, to protect its wildlife.

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