Review: Our Last Letter


I’m getting desperate not hearing from you. Your letters are a lifeline and there is something I need to tell you. Please write, please, please.

1937, England. Kathleen Motts, with her flame-red curls and gift for geometry, grew up just across the water from the secretive RAF base, Bawdsey Manor, on the bleak and beautiful east coast. When the stars overhead turn red as warplanes surge towards her home, Kath is desperate to do her bit, enlisting as one of the first female radar operators, helping to keep the brave pilots safe in troubled skies.

Vikram Mackensie is quiet, exceptional at maths and music, and always the outsider. When he’s recruited for a top-secret war project at Bawdsey Manor, Vic’s chance to belong has arrived at last. He may only be half-British, but he vows to help the country he loves.

From their first meeting on windy cliffs above a rocky beach, Kath arrives like a blaze of warmth into Vic’s grey life and turns the colour back on. As the war intensifies, so do Kath and Vic’s feelings for each other. They may have grown up on different sides of the world – but if the war can’t keep them apart, nothing will.

But fate intervenes when Vic is posted to America, and Kath is left heartbroken and alone. As the silence between them grows, so does the secret that Kath is holding… As the sky falls around Kath, will she ever have more than one last letter?

A heartbreaking and gripping novel, Our Last Letter shows that even in humanity’s darkest moments, light and love will find a way.

Rating: 4-stars


Our Last Letter by Liz Trenow is a complex read. Its story is full of emotion, war, and distance. Two unlikely people meet, fall in love, and then are separated. They write letters to each other until their lives take them away from each other. I could only imagine Kath’s heart breaking as she misses the man who stole her heart. This book first presented so much love and hope for a better future. Then, the couple are separated and war is happening. The grief and loss as distance has torn the characters apart can be felt on every page. The story carefully depicted the time in history very well. I could feel the tensions and stress of war time. The back and forth from past to present was a bit difficult to follow. Overall, this novel was entertaining and felt real.

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