Review: You Had Me at Wolf


First in a thrilling new series from USA Today bestseller Terry Spear featuring the hot, powerful Wolff brothers!

A wolf on a mission cannot be deterred…
The hot, powerful Wolff brothers have moved to the outskirts of Silver Town and opened a ski lodge. They’ve always wanted to live in a wolf-controlled area, and now they have their chance. They’re settling in for a quiet winter, when their lives suddenly become way more exciting than they’d ever planned.

Private Investigator and Gray wolf shifter Josie Grayson is hot on the trail of a dangerous criminal hiding out at the ski lodge when her partner takes ill and must leave her to pursue the mission alone. Blake Wolff steps in–he can’t resist the allure of this brilliant and focused she-wolf whose presence awakens a long dormant yearning in his heart.

As pursuit of their quarry heats up, Blake has a mission of his own…to convince Josie that there’s more to life than work…and that she’s his perfect mate.

Silver Town Wolf series:
Destiny of the Wolf (Book 1)
Wolf Fever (Book 2)
Dreaming of the Wolf (Book 3)
Silence of the Wolf (Book 4)
Silver Wolf Christmas (Book 5)
Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply (Book 6)
Between a Wolf and a Hard Place (Book 7)
All’s Fair in Love and Wolf (Book 8)
Silver Town Wolf: Home for the Holidays (Book 9)

What people are saying about Terry Spear:
“Delicious…a thrilling good time.” —Fresh Fiction for All’s Fair in Love and Wolf

“Loaded with passion, action and mystery… Terry Spear is an amazing storyteller.” —Night Owl Reviews for All’s Fair in Love and Wolf

“This book has humor, mystery, and romance. …I recommend giving this book a read.” —Harlequin Junkie for Between a Wolf and a Hard Place

“Essential reading for werewolf-romance fans.” —Booklist for Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply

Rating: 5-stars


You Had Me at Wolf by Terry Spear is an intimate wolf story. A story about protecting the innocent from the bad guys. One particular female wolf did all she could to find and catch the culprit that targeted a female wolf. However, she couldn’t find any hard evidence to arrest him. Without, he was a free being. But that did not stop Josie from investigating him long afterwards. As luck would have it, the human man was committing another crime. This time, Josie along with her new backup team, the Silver Town wolves, she plans on nabbing the bad guy along with his partners.

Josie is a strong female character. She’s just as tough as she is smart. Josie garners a lot of attention from the Silver Town’s male wolf population. Due to shortage in female wolves, Josie is like the jackpot. It was hilarious how she just dove right in and kissed Blake Wolff like he was her mate.

Blake Wolff’s reaction was funny too. He was a bit surprised but so damn happy with the way his day was proceeding. Ever since that one long hot kiss, Blake doesn’t want to let go of Josie. He helps her on her case and tries everything to get her to stay. He wants her as his real mate, not just for pretend. I loved his protectiveness of her. His jealousy said it all.

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