Review: Second Chance for the Single Dad

Second Chance for the Single Dad


She’ll save him a dance…

…if he follows his heart.

Dance teacher Camile Wynn has a new student. Reclusive Rhys McGrath is learning to waltz so he can take his orphaned niece to a father-daughter dance. Camile is surprised by her connection with him, but there’s a generous heart behind Rhys’s awkward exterior. When she learns Rhys could lose custody of his niece, Camile goes behind his back to help him…but will her lies end up hurting him instead?

USA TODAY Bestselling Author

Rating: 4-stars


Second Chance for the Single Dad by Carol Ross is about second chances. Camile Wynn is a female protagonist that I loved. She was open hearted, kind, and generous to a fault. She has her quirks and that made her even more likable. The male character, Rhys McGrath, was quirky, too. His mannerisms were different than I was expected. However, he still made for a good character. I liked Camile the best. These two met once before and now, are seeing each other again. Life is crazy. Camile was weary but she understood Rhys intentions where his niece was concerned. I enjoyed the fact that he tried his best for her. Rhys also, tried to be the best around Camile. Heartfelt, entertaining, and sweet-this read was enjoyable.


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