Review: Echoes of Evil

Echoes of Evil (Krewe of Hunters #26)


Something lurks beneath the surface…

Brodie McFadden is supposed to be on vacation, getting some sunshine and deciding if he wants to join his brothers and the Krewe of Hunters, a special paranormal investigation unit of the FBI. But a diving excursion with an old navy buddy to a historic shipwreck uncovers a crime scene—and the corpse is new.

Museum curator Dakota “Kody” McCoy just wants her Key West culture festival to succeed. She’s always had a deep connection to her home, including being regularly haunted by some of the resident ghosts. Then, in the middle of a performance, a beloved local musician drops dead. It seems accidental, but Kody isn’t so sure.

Brodie thinks the recent deaths are linked, and he needs help from Kody. Something about her festival is dangerous. And the threat is creeping ever closer. Has she uncovered a treasure from the past that someone will kill for?

Rating: 5-stars


Echoes of Evil by Heather Graham is phenomenal. Heather Graham is the queen of suspense, danger, and humor. I love her characters. In her novel, there are both humans and ghosts. The ghosts of some murdered victims stay behind to watch over their loved ones and help the Krewe of Hunters with their FBI investigation into the mysterious deaths. I am thoroughly entertained from the beginning to the ending. The ghosts create a sense of humor even when the danger explodes. Every page is full of risks, intrigue, and suspense of what will come next. The Krewe of Hunters are well skilled at solving murders. Using their special skills such as communicating and seeing the dead, they are successful. From the director to the civilians involved, this cast of characters are memorable. Fun, exciting, and well-written, Echoes of Evil is a must read! Heather Graham is the best story teller. I highly recommend this book, as well as the others in this series!

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