Review: Wyoming Special Delivery

Wyoming Special Delivery


Their feuding fathers never
could have predicted this…

Harrison McCord was sure he was the rightful owner of the Dawson Family Ranch. And delivering Daisy Dawson’s baby on the side of the road was a mere diversion. Still, when Daisy found out his intentions, instead of pushing him away, she invited him in, figuring he’d start to see her in a whole new light. But what if she started seeing him that way, as well? 

Rating: 4-stars


Wyoming Special Delivery by Melissa Senate was a fun contemporary romance read! The Dawson family is a group of characters that kept the entertainment alive and engaging. I enjoyed the craziness that came with this book. Harrison came in just at the right moment for Daisy only to deliver bad news. But Daisy is hopeful for things to work out. It seemed unreal on how easy she went from one moment to the next the way she did. I was hoping for more of a fight on her part. With that said, this story kept me on my toes.


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