Review: Copycat Killer


Murder strikes close to home

for a new K-9 unit in Brooklyn

When a double homicide is strikingly familiar to a twenty-year-old cold case, Detective Nate Slater is rattled by the parallels. With a child as the only witness, he and his K-9 partner must protect little Lucy and her aunt, Willow Emery. Nate’s rough past means he always keeps an emotional distance…but in this case getting closer is the only way they’ll all survive.

Rating: 5-stars


Copycat Killer by Laura Scott is an intriguing murder investigation. One past unsolved murder case is now linked to a current one. Both have the same MO. A clown leaving behind a bagged stuffed monkey. Two parents were killed and their young daughter was left behind safe. The aunt found her and called in the police. From there, chaos entered their lives. The police officer, Nate, and his K-9 companion were amazing. They are the type of heroes I love reading about. Nate had a dark time in his childhood and is wanting to do everything to solve the clown murder cases. The aunt was a strong woman doing what she could for herself and her niece. There was this building attraction between her and Nate. Nicely done. It didn’t take away from the suspense of the story. Dark, captivating, and fun. This was a well-written book.

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