Review: Creatures

Creatures Synopsis:

On the eve of Evangeline’s wedding, a dead whale is trapped in the harbor of Winter Island, the groom may be lost at sea, and Evie’s mostly absent mother has shown up out of the blue. From there, in this mesmerizing, provocative debut, Evie remembers and reckons with her complicated upbringing in this lush, wild land off the coast of Southern California.

Evie grew up with her well-meaning but negligent father, surviving on the money he made dealing the island’s world-famous strain of marijuana, Winter Wonderland. Although he raised her with a deep respect for the elements, the sea, and the creatures living within it, he also left her to parent herself. With wit, love, and bracing  ashes of anger, Creatures probes the complexities of love and abandonment, guilt and forgiveness, betrayal and grief—and the ways in which our ability to love can be threatened if we are not brave enough to conquer the past.

Lyrical, darkly funny, and ultimately cathartic, Creatures exerts a pull as strong as the tides.

Rating: 4-stars


Creatures by Crissy Van Meter is an interesting tale. It contains a ton of themes smashed together. At times, it was a bit too much but then other times it felt beautifully woven.  It was crazy. The main protagonist has a lot going in her life. Her is into drugs, her mom is never around, and she’s stuck in a place that smells like fish everyday. I can’t imagine what that smell must be like. Wow! But she’s a strong character. Somehow, she manages to continue going forward. Her fiancé is missing. Family, love, and betrayal were major parts of this sad book. It was not the best but it was not the worst-that’s the character’s life story.



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