Review: Patron Saint of Pregnant Girls

The Patron Saint of Pregnant Girls Synopsis:

From beloved bestselling author Ursula Hegi, a new novel about three mothers, set on the shores of the Nordsee, perfect for fans of Water for Elephants and The Light Between Oceans.

In the summer of 1878, the Ludwig Zirkus has come to the island Nordstrand in Germany. Big-bellied girls rush from St. Margaret’s Home for Pregnant Girls, thrilled to see the parade and the show, followed by the Sisters who care for them. The Old Women and Men, competing to be crowned as the island’s Oldest Person, watch, thinking they have seen it all. But after the show, a Hundred-Year Wave roars from the Nordsee and claims three young children. Three mothers are on the beach when it happens: Lotte, whose children are lost; Sabine, a Zirkus seamstress with her grown daughter; and Tilli, still just a child herself, who will give birth later that day at St. Margaret’s. And all three will end up helping each other more than they ever could have anticipated.

As full of joy and beauty as it is of pain, and told with the luminous power that has made Ursula Hegi a beloved bestselling author for decades, The Patron Saint of Pregnant Girls is a shattering portrait of marriage and motherhood, and of the ways in which women hold each other up in the face of heartbreak.

Rating: 3-stars


The Patron Saint of Pregnant Girls reads like a good story. However, every chapter jumps from one point to another in a way that loses me. I am lost due to the scenes not connecting. I cannot connect from one moment to the other, excepts for the names of the characters. It does sound like a story I could dig deep into…but with the way it was organized, the jumps are just too wide for me, as a reader. I wanted to like this book so much! It does have the potential to be a great book. I started off thinking okay, let’s see where this leads. Each chapter just led me down to more confusion as to what’s happening and why. The plot contains a lot of sad and heartbreaking moments. Several of these included a young pregnant girl, motherhood, loss of loved ones plus, so much more. I like the topics but I just couldn’t go from one chapter to next easily. It didn’t flow well. Everything else, was well done.


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