Review: Yukon Revenge



“…Baird’s high-octane sequel to 2016’s Yukon Audit…” — Publishers Weekly

“…a fantastic sequel…another tight plot with plenty of action and adventure, right from the word go.” — Readers’ Favorite

Meet C.E. Brody, a Yukon renaissance man who leads a solitary life on the edge of civilization. Living without cell phones or internet is just fine with him—with a cabin on the river, a vehicle repair shop, an old pickup truck and plane, and two dogs to keep him company—he has everything he needs. Or does he?

It’s been a year since Brody was lucky to escape with his life after a harrowing chase down the Yukon River. A mobster named Kay had been intent on killing him, but after the two men entered a white water maelstrom, only Brody got through. Kay’s body was never found, and as far as Brody’s concerned, the man drowned. But with two recent murders pointing to Kay, the RCMP aren’t so sure about that.

After a suspicious fire close to home, Brody’s plane is vandalized, his dogs go missing, and a woman is murdered at his cabin. When he takes a contract to fly rock samples out of a remote mine site, the FBI turns up. They say the mine is a stock market scam and want Brody to fly in one of their undercover agents to investigate. But when that undercover agent turns out to be a former girlfriend—whom he barely recognizes—and with Kay still on the loose…

Now charged, tried and convicted by a pesky reporter for three murders and an assault he didn’t commit, and with the RCMP more hindrance than help, and with the FBI not concerned about finding Kay, Brody knows only he can unravel the mess he’s in. And that will take a lot of luck.

Rating: 5-stars


Ken Baird has a writing style that sucks you into his work of fiction. Once inside Yukon Revenge, I didn’t want to leave. The main character, Brody, is a quirky guy who has an adventure of a lifetime. Just when I thought his story would not get more complicated, it did. It was one wild ride. Entertaining, funny, and intriguing Brody and his danger filled world kept me hooked. There’s plenty of action, suspense, and what-if moments to keep readers, like myself, reading until the last page. I finished reading this and am waiting for the next grand adventure from this talented writer. Without knowing what will come next, I’m dying in suspense to know what will happen next to Brody.

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