Review: The Lying Room


It should have been just a mid-life fling. A guilty indiscretion that Neve Connolly could have weathered. An escape from twenty years of routine marriage to her overworked husband, and from her increasingly distant children. But when Neve pays a morning-after visit to her lover, Saul, and finds him brutally murdered, their pied-à-terre still heady with her perfume, all the lies she has so painstakingly stitched together threaten to unravel.

After scrubbing clean every trace of her existence from Saul’s life—and death—Neve believes she can return to normal, shaken but intact. But she can’t get out of her head the one tormenting question: what was she forgetting?

An investigation into the slaying could provide the answer. It’s brought Detective Chief Inspector Alastair Hitching, and Neve’s worst fears, to her door. But with every new lie, every new misdirection to save herself, Neve descends further into the darkness of her betrayal—and into more danger than she ever imagined. Because Hitching isn’t the only one watching Neve. So is a determined killer who’s about to make the next terrifying move in a deadly affair…. 

Rating: 3.5-stars


The Lying Room by Nicci French has a plot that intrigued me from the beginning. It reminded me a bit of Pretty Little Liars. Because this novel featured a scandal that was a betrayal to the protagonist’s family, co-workers, and to a police detective. A woman is tired of her marriage to her husband and kids who are a bit of a handful. Yet she accepts an affair with her boss. One morning, a text comes in and she automatically assumes its from her boss. She prepares herself to go to him. Part of her already feeling guilty and excited. She goes only to find him dead. She back traces and wipes evidence of her being there and just left him to lie dead bleeding out on the floor. I was shocked, horrified, and disgusted. I was like wait, what?! She showed absolutely no regrets nor any feelings of real loss. The only prickling of feelings she felt were that of her affair with her dead boss being discovered. This woman character proved to not be likable in any fashion. She lied to everyone but to her troublesome daughter. Weird.

The book was a bit slow and just didn’t feel realistic even for a fictional novel. The main detective ignores that suggestion that the crime was not yet closed fully. What detective would ignore that? Also, at the end, he was hoping beyond hope that the main protagonist would share the same feelings. But it was like she either didn’t get the memo or she was still living in full fear of him arresting her if he got too close. However, I think it was the fact that she left her dead boss for others to find; cheated on her husband; and lied to everyone that was starting to eat a little bit at her. As it should have.

Overall, this book sounded promising but left so much to be desired. It was weird that she wasn’t in any kind of trouble. The ending made me furious. The story was dragging out slowly for me.

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