Review: Inspired Mama

Inspired Mama: The Empowered Mother's Guide to an Intentional Life


Inspired Mama is the ultimate mind, body, and lifestyle guide for women seeking to live their best life in motherhood.

As mothers, women tend to give up on their personal dreams and emotional self-care in order to take care of their families. Too often, we end up giving in to social pressures and external expectations rather than living the life we dream about, a life of freedom and inspiration.

The truth is freedom is the highest vibrational element that every woman must embody to live an extraordinary life, but it’s harder than ever to embody freedom as a mother. Inspired Mama empowers women to align with their best life through self-reflection, intentional manifestation, and wanderlust, so you can heal yourself and your family through your own spiritual self-care.

In this book, you’ll discover how to free your mind, body, and spirit so you can live an authentic lifestyle customized for the amazing woman you are.

You’ll discover:
How to replace old habits with nourishing new ones
Simple and practical actions that free you emotionally, physically, and financially
High vibrational living that gets you into alignment with your highest self
How to dive deep into adventures that break you out of your restricted comfort zone

You will be supported in making incremental, potent changes to your life that awaken you to the unbridled joy of inspired, intentional, and conscious living.

After reading this book, you will re-discover yourself as a woman in motherhood and learn how to align with the infinite abundance of the Universe. You will also learn how to live by your own unique energetic blueprint, and start intentionally manifesting the life of your dreams. Motherhood is the ultimate balancing act, and freeing the woman within is essential to finding fulfillment and purpose with your family and beyond.

Rating: 5-stars


Inspired Mama by Sez Kristiansen is a great read for women everywhere. I love the positive messages within this book. Those messages included no judgement, compassion, and gratitude. Also, this self-care book, expanded and pushed one’s boundaries in several ways. Some of those were, expanding one’s comfort zone and creating your purpose. It’s difficult to expand the comfort zone for me, but I still liked how Sez walked me through that area. I may never travel out of my safety net but it’s still worth a try.

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