Review: At Love’s Command

At Love's Command (Hanger's Horsemen, #1)


Haunted by the horrors of war, ex-cavalry officer Matthew Hanger leads a band of mercenaries known as Hanger’s Horsemen who have become legends in 1890s Texas. They defend the innocent and obtain justice for the oppressed. But when a rustler’s bullet leaves one of them at death’s door, they’re the ones in need of saving.

Dr. Josephine Burkett is used to men taking one look at her skirts and discounting her medical skills. What she’s not used to is having a man change his mind in a heartbeat and offer to assist her in surgery. Matthew Hanger’s dedication to his friend during recovery earns Josephine’s respect, and when she hears of her brother’s abduction, he becomes her only hope for rescue.

Matt has stared down ruthless outlaws, betrayal, and injury, but when a bossy lady doctor crawls under his skin, his heart is tempted to surrender. And when she is caught in the crossfire, he may have to sacrifice everything–even his team–to save her.

Rating: 5-stars


At Love’s Command by Karen Witemeyer is a book that captures one heart and soul. I felt the characters’ pain, fears, and hopes. The raw tension of danger and survival was done well. I kept on hoping the protagonists would make it out alive and safe. Inside, I met a young woman doctor who is just as strong as the male hero. Both added to this story in ways that made me wish the book never ended. I loved the story so much. The pages were action-packed. Karen Witemeyer caught my full-attention and intrigued me with this beautifully woven story. A story of faith, love, and hope for a better future. There was also some healing, too. I cannot wait to read the next grand adventure in this series, Hanger’s Horsemen.

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