Review: Dead End by Nancy Mehl


When a body is discovered in a field in Iowa, the police uncover fourteen additional corpses ranging from 20 years old to recent. The remains point to a serial killer with an MO the authorities have seen before–Ed Oliphant, a man who has been in prison for over 20 years . . . and is Special Agent Kaely Quinn’s father. After several failed interview attempts to discover if Ed has been training someone to be a copycat killer, the police turn to Kaely in St. Louis.

Kaely promised herself she would never step foot in her hometown or set eyes on her father again. She’s always refused to confront her past, but if she wants to prevent any more deaths, she must come face-to-face with the man she’s hated for years. 

As more bodies are discovered, Kaely races against time and her own personal turmoil to uncover the killer. Will this most personal case yet cost Kaely her identity and perhaps even her life?

Rating: 5-stars


Dead End by Nancy Mehl is packed full of suspense, tensions, and action. I loved this book! The characters both big and small created the perfect blend in every category needed to create this romantic suspense novel. I needed to know more about the characters and their situations as I flipped through the pages. A dark cloud hung onto each scene. That left me wondering when the danger planned for the protagonists was going to happen. Excitement, wonder, and a dread filled me as I followed Kaely and her FBI partner.

Kaely is a young woman whose life was destroyed by her serial killer father. He was a psychopath. Loved his family like a possession but killed others without mercy. Kaely has a lot of issues to work through but she is tough and clever. She has to be brave to face her past and now future.

Bodie began to be found. Some could be her daddy’s but others prove that there is a copycat killer loose. Kaely is sent in Tom discus it with her father. A father who is looked up tight and is a killer himself. However, someone unknown is pulling strings and even Kaely’s father isn’t safe…

Overall, Dead End was well-written. I couldn’t stop reading. Nancy Mehl has once again proven she is the master of suspense and emotional rollercoaster rides.

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