Review: Daughter of the Reich

Daughter of the Reich


She must choose between loyalty to her country or a love that could be her destruction…

As the dutiful daughter of a high-ranking Nazi officer, Hetty Heinrich is keen to play her part in the glorious new Thousand Year Reich. But she never imagines that all she believes and knows about her world will come into stark conflict when she encounters Walter, a Jewish friend from the past, who stirs dangerous feelings in her. Confused and conflicted, Hetty doesn’t know whom she can trust and where she can turn to, especially when she discovers that someone has been watching her.

Realizing she is taking a huge risk—but unable to resist the intense attraction she has for Walter—she embarks on a secret love affair with him. Together, they dream about when the war will be over and plan for their future. But as the rising tide of anti-Semitism threatens to engulf them, Hetty and Walter will be forced to take extreme measures.

Will the steady march of dark forces destroy Hetty’s universe—or can love ultimately triumph…?

Propulsive, deeply affecting, and inspired by the author’s family history, Daughter of the Reich is a mesmerizing page-turner filled with vivid characters and a meticulously researched portrait of Nazi Germany. In this riveting story of passion, courage and morality, Louise Fein introduces a bold young woman determined to tread the treacherous path of survival and freedom, showing readers the strength in the power of love and reminding us that the past must never be forgotten.

Rating: 4.5-stars


Daughter of the Reich by Louise Fein is a heartbreaking novel. This historical fiction takes me back to WWII. I could feel everything the characters felt and saw. An eye opener of what happened back then and how even the Germans felt about it. In this particular story, a young German girl is raised to hate Jews. But as she grows older and she sees the treatment of the people she once called friends…her mind changes. She bravely still befriends the Jews and does what she can. She is torn between surviving the Nazis within her own home and trying to protect those she loves. Her own family is just like Hitler. Their treatment of the Jews was despicable! Not many who grew up in families like hers open their eyes to the dangers and mistreatment of the Jews. It was sad, dangerous, and intense all the way to the ending.

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