Review: Stories That Bind Us

Stories That Bind Us


Betty Sweet never expected to be a widow at 40. With so much life still in front of her, she tries to figure out what’s next. She couldn’t have imagined what God had in mind. When her estranged sister is committed to a sanitarium, Betty finds herself taking on the care of a 5-year-old nephew she never knew she had.

In 1960s LaFontaine, Michigan, they make an odd pair. Betty with her pink button nose and bouffant hair. Hugo with his light brown skin and large brown eyes. But more powerful than what makes them different is what they share: the heartache of an empty space in their lives. Slowly, they will learn to trust one another as they discover common ground and healing through the magic of storytelling.

Award-winning author Susie Finkbeiner offers fans a novel that invites us to rediscover the power of story to open the doors of our hearts.

Rating: 5-stars


Stories That Bind Us by Susie Finkbeiner is one heartbreaking tale. It’s about how unconditional love can win and bind people together. Family is one strong theme found inside this book. I was amazed by this writer’s talent. Her main character lost someone she loved and then accepts the responsibility for someone she never knew existed. There are problems that arise with her new challenge. However, Betty Sweet doesn’t deter from sweeping right in and making the best of everything. Love wins in this novel. The whole story was heartfelt. I was entertained throughout this read. There isn’t a life plan road map and yet, Betty Sweet managed to survive and be stronger than ever. Overall, this is a read for all readers. Everyone can relate to it.


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