Review: The Death Dealer

The Death Dealer (Harrison Investigation, #6)


The Poe Killings…

A string of homicides is mirroring the author’s macabre stories.

And Genevieve O’Brien’s mother is next.

Genevieve knows all about nightmares. She herself survived two months as a psychopath’s prisoner. And now this new menace stalks the city. Spooked by the bizarre slayings, she turns to P.I. Joe Connolly, her past rescuer, friend and…hopefully something more, if he would just quit avoiding her.

At first Joe isn’t even sure there is a case. But the body count rises, and it’s clear that a twisted killer is on the loose. Even more unsettling is the guidance he starts receiving from beyond the grave. People he knows to be dead are appearing, offering him clues and leads, and warning of some terrible danger ahead.

But can even the spirits stay the hand of a madman bent on murder?

Rating: 5-stars


If you’re a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe and love suspense as much as I do, you are in for a treat! This novel, The Death Dealer, contains murders based on those from Edgar Allan Poe’s books. Then, there’s plenty of action, suspense, and ghosts to make this read even more intense. The pages were full of mystery, risks, and spookiness. I loved it! The cast of characters were well-done. They made this book more three-dimensional. Two people from the past meet again, only this time the situation is deadly. A serial killer is on the loose and the woman who has a special talent might be next. A Krewe Hunter agent is sent on the case. Together these two have to be extra steps ahead or both might end up with their dead ghostly friends. Overall, The Death Dealer was a fast-paced thriller.

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