Review Requests…

Is it just me or do other reviewers get requests where the writer sends vague requests?

Below, is a sample of exactly what fills my inbox for requests:

I would like a review for my book, thanks!

There’s nothing that describes let alone tells me what the book is about…

Is it fiction? Nonfiction? Poetry? What genre? How many pages? Does it fit with my guidelines for accepting reviews?

I automatically can tell they never once read my review policy. I state what books I do and do not read. Oh, that’s the other thing! Another frustration, writers ask me to review Urban Fiction books. I clearly state that I DO NOT review that genre at all.

Reviewers are not the only ones required to read, review, and respect what the author or publisher has asked of us. That same policy goes both ways.

Please, read the review policies and do not send reviewers, such as myself, vague review requests or requests for books I do not review.

If I get those emails, I will delete them. I will not waste my time to respond back to the sender.

If you need a review, kindly take the time and research the reviewer. Make sure it will be accepted and that you give details on that book.

One thought on “Review Requests…

  1. I loved my review. Great post. I hope my review request for my updated version of The Big Game Poetry Collection makes the cut.


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