Review: The Scotsman Who Saved Me

The Scotsman Who Saved Me (Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen #1)


From New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell comes a brand new series featuring the MacEnroys, a family of seven strong, seductive Scottish brothers who have come to America with nerves of steel—and who will take no prisoners when it comes to love…  

A brutal attack on Emily Stanton’s family has left her for dead . . . until she is found in the woods by a handsome stranger with a thick brogue who vows to protect her. There’s only one problem: As a woman with a noble English background, she has no business keeping company with such a man.  
For Scotsman Iain MacEnroy, Emily’s high-tone accent is a bitter reminder of the oppressive regime he left behind. The last thing he needs is to be burdened by the needs of a beautiful, blue-eyed Englishwoman. But taking care of elegant, educated Emily begins to transform Iain in ways he never imagined. Could it be that the deep divisions from the old world no longer apply in the new—and that Iain and Emily can share a passion as lush and wild as the Scottish highlands themselves?

Rating: 4-stars


This novel, The Scotsman Who Saved Me, by Hannah Howell starts off well. Immediately, I am surrounded by danger, risks, and a deadly foe. The young female aunt and her 3-year-old nephew survive a house burning meant to kill them all. The boy lost his parents and home. Together, he and his aunt are saved by Scotsman who take them in their home. The aunt survives a gun wound and is scared of what will happen to the family that rescued her and her her nephew. The enemy is a family member. A crazy man who kills for greed. He also kills for much less. He has to be stopped. Only time will tell how long it will take.

In the meantime, trust has to be earned. The characters’ situation only got more intense with every page. The dangers escalated. More armed men came to fight and kill the woman and child. But the Scotsman and his brothers won’t let them. Hannah Howell created an entertaining historical fiction novel. The characters were trying to move away from the past and from what their society deemed fit and not fit. The hero and heroine broke many rules but ones they didn’t break mattered more.

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