Review: Restart You Heart

Restart Your Heart: The Playbook for Thriving with AFib


Compelling, expert advice on how to live fearlessly with atrial fibrillation 

AFib patients, their family, friends, and caregivers are often misinformed about the latest research, advancements, and treatments. In this life-changing book, renowned cardiac electrophysiologist Dr. Aseem Desai diminishes the worry and confusion that come with an AFib diagnosis by presenting you with the latest medical information in a concise and positive way. 

Dr. Desai has made it his mission to significantly improve the lives of those diagnosed with AFib and to offer hope and encouragement to patients and their loved ones. Filled with innovative knowledge and vivid illustrations, Restart Your Heart will empower and inspire you by providing straightforward answers and options to deal with this complex disease.

In this comprehensive guide to living your best life with AFib, you will:

• Be Informed about what AFib is, why it happens, and simple steps to take after being diagnosed.
• Be Prepared to deal with the diagnosis and condition on mental and emotional levels, and create a toolbox for resilience in challenging times.
• Be in Control by gaining crucial knowledge about trigger and risk factor modifications, the latest treatment options, and how to monitor the disease for progression or recurrence.

Restart Your Heart delivers cutting-edge information, options, and solutions that will afford you a newfound sense of comfort, confidence, and control. 

Rating: 5-stars


Restart Your Heart by Aseem Desai, MD, FHRS, is a great tool to have in any caregiver’s or family member’s arsenal. I was a caregiver for my grandma. She had congested heart failure, Alzheimer’s Disease, and her heart irregular heart rhythms. The cardiologists recommended that we didn’t operate on my grandma. We could have saved her life, if we did. But then with AD, it still would have been a tough journey. I had no idea about the weight gain, the lack of proper food for her diet, and the build up of water in her body. These all lead to the heart failure issues. I was stuck watching and waiting every day as my grandma slowly died under my watch. I couldn’t do anything. Her body was at the last stop and it was so severe there wasn’t any hope. I was devastated! Anger, hurt, loss, grief, and then blaming myself all the way. If only…

This book gives one a deep inside look at some the the causes of AFib. My grandma’s heart issues were some of the causes. I know people who have this particular issue that the book is discussing. I wanted to educate myself better and to let others know they need to read this book. Restart Your Heart discusses and shows you how to be informed, be prepared, and how to be in control of the AFib situations. Overall, I would recommend this to all elderly and to all the caregivers. Be better informed and better prepared for what could happen and how to control it.

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