Review: Your Turn

Your Turn: Ways to Celebrate Life Through Storytelling


Creative expression through writing helps us uncover gems of hope and serenity, enabling us to navigate difficult times. Sharing stories with one another fills the space between us, inspires us, helps us forge stronger relationships, and teaches us that we’re more alike than different. In Your Turn, renowned educator Dr. Tyra Manning offers examples of stories from her own life, followed by an invitation for readers to delve onto their own emotional histories, with plenty of room to explore on the page with writing prompts and tools.

Rating: 3.5-stars


Your Turn: Ways to Celebrate Life Through Storytelling by Dr. Tyra Manning was not exactly what I thought it would be. However, I did like the writing prompt questions. She had me think about something or someone in my life dealing with a particular subject or situation and then write about it. This book was mostly a memoir on her life rather than storytelling writing. I thought it would provide storytelling techniques etc. It didn’t. This book did do its sole purpose, try to get the reader to write his or her life story.

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