Review: A Duke Will Never Do

A Duke Will Never Do (The Spitfire Society #3)


From the USA Today bestselling author of The Untouchables series comes your next Regency obsession: The Spitfire Society… Meet the smart, independent women who’ve decided they don’t need Society’s rules, their families’ expectations, or, most importantly, a husband. But just because they don’t need a man doesn’t mean they might not want one.

After failing on the Marriage Mart, Jane Pemberton has two choices: submit to her parents’ edict to marry their boring neighbor or become a self-declared spinster and take up residence in the official headquarters of the Spitfire Society. It’s really no choice at all, and Jane is eager to embrace her newfound independence. She soon finds an unconscious viscount on her doorstep and nurses him back to health. When he offers to compensate her, she requests payment in the form of private instruction of a scandalous and intimate kind.

Having spiraled into a self-destructive abyss following the murder of his parents, Anthony, Viscount Colton, physically recovers under the care of an alluring spitfire. But it is her charm and flirtatiousness that soothes his soul and arouses his desire—until an extortion scheme forces him to face the sins of his past. Now, to save the woman who’s given him everything he lost and more, he’ll have to pay the ultimate price: his heart.

Rating: 5-stars


A Duke Will Never Do by Darcy Burke is one amazing historical romance! There is plenty of intense moments. Moments that could lead to worse situations for the characters. Every character had risks. Risks of losing one’s heart, risk of falling love, and risk of one’s secrets coming out publicly. A Duke refused to do something for his parents and were on there way to do the task when they were killed in his place. The killings were not planned. The young Duke owed a lot in debts. To this day, he has had to live with the pain and loss of his parents. It ate away at his soul. Until, he ended up wounded on a young Lady’s doorstep. From there, the attraction, heat, and banters between filled the pages. Both were lonely and suffering their own kind of torments. Together they created a happiness and support that neither knew they could have. These characters were charming, sweet, and unforgettable. I love Darcy Burke’s historical romance novels! She always creates irresistible protagonists and makes me want to go after the bad guys just as much as the protagonists. Both of these heroes, saved each other. Overall, I highly recommend this fast-paced and action-packed romance. The pages are also filled with plenty of humor.

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